Manhood and Increasing Intelligence

Hello friends, Carlin here. If you were to ask the question: “What makes a boy become a man?” I would respond with something like: “The ability to put their words into focus, and to look at life from a new, more analytical perspective.”

Living in our daily world poses many threats to becoming a truly “enlightened” or “smart” individual. Drowning in our daily schedules, we, as human beings, are left with no room for the precious acts of “self-reflection” and “self-guidan90551148_640ce”.
First, I am going to explain what a “smart” individual actually IS. A “smart” individual is one who possesses the mental strength and clarity needed in order to live his life in a constant state of control. This state of control is also known as “the takeover of the mind”. Individuals who possess this trait, or who have attained it through practice, are known as Authors. Authors are a special group of individuals who are able to control their own lives. They are able to break free of all of the distractions around them, and put their focus into creating themselves.

“It is not the circumstance that creates the man, it is the mans own thoughts of the circumstance that creates the man”

The only way a human is able to “create themself”, meaning they are able to have full control over their life, is by having full control over their thoughts!

                   “Your thoughts,
Become your actions

Your actions,
Become your habits

Your habits become YOU”
– Buddha (Shortened)

If whilst reading this, the thoughts: “Sure, this looks reasonable enough. I’ll just start taking control of my thoughts. It’ll be a breeze” OR “I am in control of my thoughts, what is this guy talking about?” crossed your mind, you are wrong. 98% of the human race does not control their thoughts. Out of the 2% that do, authors, most are currently dedicating their time into maintaining control of most of the major operations overseeing earth today. The other authors in that 2% dedicate their lives to living freely, either through the creation of vast empires, or simply the fulfillment of their dreams.

The power of controlled thought is immense. Without it, we are slaved to what we consume. By consume, I mean anything that we see in our daily life, as perceived through normal-thought patterns (We’ll go into this in greater detail later). Some people are able to tell our brains which program to run. But most of the time we run whatever program our environment decides for us. Aided by our subconscious mind, the environment dictates many of our daily activities. Imagine you wake up in the morning and are feeling very tired. Your eyes are barely able to stay awake, and you feel as if your whole being is weighed down by a heavy curtain of tiredness, so your inner voice slowly, with little recognition in your head as your mind isn’t functioning properly, says to yourself: “I’ll just nap for 15 more minutes.” You are so tired as you reach for your phone in order to set the alarm for the 15 minutes. You feel so amazing when you close your eyes that your mind thinks “oh wow, this is much more pleasurable than setting an alarm” and so, you fall half-asleep. The phone rings. man-sleep-pillow-darkYou reach for the phone and give a groggy “hello” to the person on the other line. The voice responds with “Hi, (Your name here) It’s Jay calling from the job you applied for, when can you come in for an interview?” Instantly, you jump up. You are no longer tired at all. The job is here and you have been waiting. You converse with the manager as if you had been awake for hours, and you feel fully alert. Wait, wait, wait….. What? Just a second ago you were so tired that you could barely move, and wouldn’t have even set an alarm if it weren’t for the phone ringing. Now, you are fully awake and ready to go. What changed in those couple of seconds that caused that to happen? and how come you couldn’t get the motivation to wake up without the assistance of some external circumstance? This example shows evidence of societies lack of capabilities to take control of their thoughts.


  • peace
  • love
  • controlling the world you live in

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