The #1 way to remove stress in life

stressfreeSMFrequently find yourself having a bad day? Here is the #1 MOST IMPORTANT piece of advice, that when used correctly, can have a dramatic effect on your overall mood as you go throughout life:

#1. Face a fear every day
Is there ever something that you wish you could do, but instead of getting the amazing feeling you get by doing it, all you get instead is a couple of armpits full of sweat? I know there is. One of the main ways to improve your overall life-experience is to limit the amount of fears that you possess. The only way that this can be done is by facing the fear, and realizing that it’s not all too bad. Remember, no fear is permanent. By doing the things you fear, you start to remove the anxiety that comes with the activity, and soon the fear is made void. If you wish to do this, I recommend that you start out slow.

– For example, if one of your fears is talking in public, or speaking to members of the opposite sex, start out like this:
When walking to class, or to work, or wherever people walk these days, simply say “hello” to everyone you see. Look them in the eyes, and try to smile. It may not seem like a lot, but studies have been done, and this alone can increase your confidence by up to 40%.

Remember, there are no rules to facing your fears, except those that you make for yourself, so write down a fear checklist, and get out there and conquer them!

Carlin, out.

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